Georgia Voters Set to Decide Fate of Senate Control in High-Stakes Run-Off Election between Warnock and Walker

Tuesday, seven million registered voters in georgia will go to the polls for the fifth time in four years due to the state’s election law. the run-off election is between incumbent democrat raphael warnock and republican former football star herschel walker. the midterm elections determined the control of the senate with the democrats having fifty seats and the republicans forty-nine.

Run-off election is taking place on tuesday and will be held in georgia. the outcome of the election will not affect the control of the senate as the vice-president can break a tied vote in the chamber, but having 51 senators gives the party in control more power.

Of dollars have been poured into the race and extreme levels of television advertising. walker’s camp has accused warnock of overseeing a camp for disadvantaged young people where “urine was thrown at the children” and of being in charge of apartments for poorer people “full of human faeces and even rotting corpses”. warnock’s ads have alleged that walker has lied about his education, his charitable giving, his business career and a number of other issues. this election is important for both parties as it could provide the deciding vote in the senate.

By Evey Lovelace

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