Four Executed in Iran for “Intelligence Cooperation” with Israel and “Kidnapping”

1: four men were executed in iran on sunday for alleged “intelligence cooperation” with israel and “kidnapping”. three other people were sentenced to between five and 10 years in prison for crimes against the country’s security, complicity in kidnapping and possession of weapons. iran and israel are fierce regional rivals, and the charge of “kidnapping” referred to a case covered by israeli media a month earlier.

2: the executions and sentences were carried out on sunday, following the supreme court’s upholding of the death penalties against them on wednesday. the demonstrations were sparked by the death of a young woman in custody and deep discontent at the government is reflected in the protests.

3: iran’s judiciary has already confirmed six death sentences over the protests, and rights group amnesty international says that, based on official reports, at least 21 people currently on trial are charged with crimes that could see them hanged. iran has blamed a host of countries for stoking the wave of demonstrations, including israel. a man introducing himself as an associate from the islamic revolution guards corps was seen recounting an alleged plot to target israeli diplomats in multiple european locations.

By Evey Lovelace

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