Angry Crowds Storm Governor’s Office in Sweida, Syria, Sparking Violent Exchange of Gunfire

Of angry citizens due to worsening economic conditions in syria stormed the governor’s office in the southern city of sweida on tuesday. eyewitnesses reported that the protesters set fire to the building, leading to an exchange of heavy gunfire. the governor’s office was completely burned from the inside, resulting in several people being wounded and one civilian dying from gunshot wounds.

Demonstration took place in sweida town centre, a druze-majority city, and was reportedly calling for president bashar al-assad’s overthrow. syrian state media said that “outlaws” had stormed the governor’s office and burned files and official papers. the syrian observatory for human rights (sohr) reported that “dozens” of demonstrators had gathered in the area.

Reasons behind the protest included frequent power outages, water cuts, high fuel and food prices, and a breakdown in public security. syria has been in a state of war since 2011 when president assad’s forces cracked down on pro-democracy protests. sweida province has been spared the violence seen in other parts of the country due to the druze sect making efforts to avoid being drawn into the conflict.

By Evey Lovelace

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