South Korean Ex-National Security Advisor Arrested for Allegedly Covering Up Killing of Fisheries Official by North Korean Troops

South korean national security advisor suh hoon has been arrested on suspicion of covering up the case of a fisheries official killed by north korean troops. lee dae-jun was the 47-year-old father of two killed in 2020, with reports claiming he was trying to defect to north korea over gambling debts and personal issues. the incident involved the governments of south korea and north korea, with the former government of president moon jae-in concluding lee was killed while trying to defect and the current government of president yoon suk-yeol reversing this claim.

Incident occurred in september 2020, when lee was on a patrol boat about 10km (6 miles) from the border with the north. he was found wearing a lifejacket by a north korean patrol boat and was shot dead in the water a few hours later. the south said north korean troops then burned the corpse while at sea, adding that they believed this might have been an anti-coronavirus measure.

Suh is suspected of ordering intelligence reports concerning lee’s killing to be destroyed and manipulating evidence to support the claim of defection. a previous inquiry by south korea’s board of audit and inspection found that mr moon’s government made no meaningful attempt to rescue lee after learning he was drifting in waters near the koreas’ borders. the lee family accused mr moon’s government of not doing enough to save his life. suh hoon denies destroying evidence that explained the fatal shooting of lee dae-jun at sea. north korea did not comment on the incident. the current government accuses the previous government of seeking to curry favour with north korea as it was attempting to improve ties.

By Evey Lovelace

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