Cruise Ship Bound for Antarctica Hit by Rogue Wave, Killing One Passenger

Tragic incident occurred on tuesday when a 202m (662 ft) norwegian-flagged cruise ship named viking polaris was hit by a “rogue wave” while sailing towards ushuaia, argentina. one passenger, an american woman, was killed after she was struck by shattered glass, while four more were injured. viking offered its “deepest sympathies” to the passenger’s family and is working directly with passengers and crew to arrange return travel. the ship sustained “limited damage” and viking has decided to cancel its scheduled voyage from 5-17 december.

Incident happened on tuesday as the viking polaris was sailing towards ushuaia, argentina. the scheduled voyage would have seen the ship sail towards antarctica. the 202m (662 ft) ship arrived in argentina wednesday and the company is now investigating the incident.

Rogue wave that hit the ship was double the size of surrounding waves and came unexpectedly from directions other than that of the prevailing wind. a study revealed that rogue waves are occurring less often but becoming more extreme, posing an increased risk to global shipping. the norwegian-flagged viking polaris was caught in a storm as it sailed towards ushuaia, argentina on tuesday and the tragedy ensued.

By Evey Lovelace

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