Alabama Police Arrest 82-Year-Old Woman Over Unpaid Trash Bill of $77.80

Sunday, police in the us state of alabama arrested 82-year-old martha louis menefield for an outstanding trash bill of $77.80. the incident occurred in the city of valley and has caused widespread outrage. ms menefield said that when two officers arrived at her door, she laughed, not expecting to be arrested. once in handcuffs, one of the officers told her not to cry.

City of valley police had been attempting to contact ms menefield about her trash bill multiple times since august. they had left a notice on her door, providing contact information and an advisory that she was required to appear in court in september. when she failed to appear, a warrant for failure to pay trash was issued.

Menefield said she was unaware of the unpaid bill and had never received a notice to appear in court. she had also had her trash services suspended three times in the past two years. the city of valley police said they had treated ms menefield respectfully and had notified her several times that she had not paid the bill. however, people from alabama and across the country have denounced the police department in the comments section.

By Evey Lovelace

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