US Senate Passes Bill to Avoid Railway Strike

The US Senate has overwhelmingly approved a measure to block a strike by railway workers that could have a devastating impact on the US economy. In an 80 to 15 vote, the Senate passed a bill that imposes a contract deal on a dozen unions representing railway workers.

The bill was passed in an expedited vote as US President Joe Biden urged lawmakeres to act quickly to avoid a strike. An amendment to add paid sick leave for workers, however, failed to pass.

The bill was tabled in Congress after Mr Biden cautioned that a strike by railway workers could have a significant economic impact that would “hurt millions of other working people and families”. Business organisations have said that a strike would disrupt the flow of fuel, medicine, and other vital goods, with an estimated financial hit of $2bn (£1.67bn) per day.

By Evey Lovelace

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