South Africa on Edge as ANC Meets to Decide Fate of President Cyril Ramaphosa

Scandal involving south african president cyril ramaphosa has been causing much anxiety among the south african people. the african national congress (anc) is set to meet to discuss the matter, which was initially politically motivated. ramaphosa has continued to maintain his innocence, while political analyst nombonisa gasa has commented that the president has been “very clumsy and careless” in his handling of the scandal.

Anc’s leadership selection is due later this month and ramaphosa is still considered a favorite to win, despite reports that he is considering to quit. his deputy and potential successor, vice-president david dabede mabuza, has not been tipped as the right man for the role. the democratic alliance is pressing for early elections amidst the chaos.

Anc’s infighting has sparked riots across the country, leaving hundreds dead and billions of dollars in damages. political analyst eusebius mckaiser commented that ramaphosa lacked a “fighting instinct” and an “ability to go for the jugular” in removing anti-constitutional elements from the anc. some analysts see the anc’s decline as both inevitable and beneficial for the young democracy, while others worry that a moderately competent replacement for president ramaphosa could shake the markets and drive away foreign investors.

By Evey Lovelace

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