Ladyzhyn Declared a State of Emergency: 6.5 Million Internally Displaced People Face Freezing Temperatures.

23 november, the town of ladyzhyn, with a population of 18,000, was declared a state of emergency due to a week without heating. russian attack on the town’s only source of heating, a coal-based thermal power plant, left the town with blackouts and no heat. residents were left with no choice but to use electrical heaters, which proved to be useless due to intermittent blackouts.

Attack occurred on 23 november, in ladyzhyn, ukraine. 70-year-old mariia buzynovska, a resident of the town, reported that her heater kept turning itself off due to the lack of electricity. this is the first time that ukrainians living far from the front line have faced such a reality. pavlo palahuta, 40, who was evacuated from the eastern city of slovyansk during the summer, found shelter from the war in a disused primary school with 37 other people.

Attack on the coal-based thermal power plant caused blackouts and left the town without heat. temperatures inside people’s homes plummeted to 8c as the outside temperature dropped below freezing. to provide additional sources of heating, the military administration of vinnytsia is now taking steps to ensure portable boiler houses and individual convection heaters are available to the people of the area.

By Evey Lovelace

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