“Apollo Global to Launch Sports Betting and Crypto Trading on Yahoo Finance”

May 2021, apollo global acquired verizon media—a group that includes yahoo finance, yahoo sports, aol, techcrunch, engadget, and autoblog—for $5 billion. the company plans to offer sports betting through yahoo sports and retail stock trading on yahoo finance. there are also signs it could look at adding crypto trading. representatives for apollo global and yahoo did not respond to decrypt’s request for comment.

Acquisition happened in may 2021 and was conducted through apollo global. the company plans to use its new acquisition to offer sports betting through yahoo sports and retail stock trading on yahoo finance, as well as potentially add crypto trading.

Approached mike novogratz’s galaxy digital about partnering up to offer crypto trading on yahoo finance. prior to the coinmarketcap partnership, yahoo finance used cryptocompare for its crypto data and displayed far fewer coins in total. the site also has a crypto heatmap view. in april, apollo hired christine moy, former blockchain lead at jp morgan, to be its head of digital assets. moy said apollo is “looking to be a real-world practitioner” of blockchain and is interested in “putting real-world assets on-chain.” it’s unclear how the company would implement kyc/aml policies or which other crypto trading firms apollo has approached as a crypto partner. apollo partnered with anchorage digital in october to offer institutional crypto custody services and could also conceivably approach a retail exchange like binance, coinbase, or kraken.


By Evey Lovelace

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