Seneca: NFT Artist and Creator of Bored Apes

Seneca is an artist best known for her NFT work. She is passionate about creator royalties, which have come under fire in recent months as some NFT marketplaces stopped requiring traders to pay them. OpenSea recently announced that it will maintain royalties following pushback from creators.

Seneca has been vocal about the issue on social media and said that marketplaces that don’t honor creator-set royalties are “going against why people have entered the space.” As a commercial artist, she witnessed firsthand how creatives aren’t consistently valued for their contributions.

Seneca is the lead artist for the original Ethereum-based collection of Bored Apes. The project has topped $2.5 billion in trading activity to date. Seneca told Decrypt that she’s excited by how NFT owners have tapped the IP rights to develop their own Ape-based personas and projects.

By Evey Lovelace

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