Foxconn’s iPhone Factory in China Experiences Unrest

Foxconn is increasing efforts to recruit workers after unrest at its iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China. Employees who successfully refer a friend or family member to work at the factory will receive a 1,000 yuan award ($141; £117).
2. Apple has warned that shipments of its new iPhone 14 would be delayed due to Covid restrictions. Foxconn employees who refer a new recruit will be paid 500 yuan if the person stays working for the company for 15 days. They will get another 500 yuan if the recruit remains in the role for a month.
3. Last month, Foxconn apologised for a “technical error” in its payment system after protests at the factory over Covid restrictions and claims of overdue pay. At the end of October, video shared online showed people jumping a fence outside the Foxconn after a Covid outbreak forced staff to lockdown at the facility.

By Evey Lovelace

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