Crown Ribbon NFT-Backed Horses: A New Paradigm in Horse Racing Ownership

The horse racing industry is worth $300 billion globally. Crown Ribbon is a platform that enables users to buy and own NFT shares of a racehorse syndicate. The introduction of blockchain technology will increase efficiencies in the horse racing industry. NFTs will enable holders to trace and transfer ownership and authentication rights over their shares easily.

Crown Ribbon is regulated and transparent, with the platform’s offering qualified by the SEC under Regulation A+. Through Hifi’s involvement with the platform, Crown Ribbon members will gain access to the lending protocol’s ecosystem of liquidity products, a worldwide audience, and broader DeFi composability.

traditional financial institutions lack the experience and expertise to underwrite these non-standard assets. Crown Ribbon has partnered with performance horse industry veteran Chad Beus to launch the platform. Crown Ribbon is “well-positioned to disrupt this antiquated horse racing industry through blockchain technology, by offering a new ownership paradigm that comes with greater flexibility and tooling.”

By Evey Lovelace

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