Kanye West ordered to pay Kim Kardashian $200,000 in child support

Kanye West has been ordered to pay Kim Kardashian $200,000 per month in child support in a divorce settlement. The former rapper and reality TV star will share joint custody of their four children.
2. Kardashian filed for divorce in 2021, after eight years with West, who has legally changed his name to Ye. Both parties were declared legally single in March, with Kardashian also dropping “West” from her last name.
3. The two parties should consult with each other on major decisions about their children’s welfare, the documents state. Expenses for the children’s security, school and college will be shared. In addition, Ye is expected to pay $200,000 a month in child support – which the New York Post reported is because the children will spend the majority of their time with Kardashian.

By Evey Lovelace

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