Casa Security Firm to Expand Services to Ethereum

is a Bitcoin security firm that plans to expand its services to Ethereum and Ethereum-based assets. Casa offers user-friendly security infrastructure for maintaining self-custodial crypto wallets. Casa will roll out Ethereum compatibility to members in January.

was co-founded in 2018 by CEO Nick Neuman and noted Bitcoin advocate Jameson Lopp. Casa previously offered security services exclusively for Bitcoin assets. Per Neuman, it was existing users’ overwhelming demand for Ethereum support that prompted led the company to expand its offerings.

Casa leadership had its doubts about Ethereum’s staying power and centrality to the crypto ecosystem. But, Neuman conceded, a lot has changed since 2018. The Ethereum ecosystem has evolved significantly since then, and proven out some things that were questions for us early on,” Neuman said.

offers a free-to-use Casa Wallet app for retail Bitcoin holders, and a new, revamped version of the app will debut in January with both Bitcoin and Ethereum compatibility. The firm also offers more advanced security services for paying customers with larger holdings, and will roll out additional membership tiers in 2023. All plans offered by Casa are fundamentally premised on users retaining custody of their own crypto assets – a direct response to the collapse of crypto exchange FTX.

the wake of FTX’s shocking collapse, skepticism has grown of centralized crypto firms that act as traditional banking intermediaries for crypto assets. Companies like Casa say that the ability for any crypto holder to control their own money is fundamental to the concept and promise of crypto. Neuman believes that recent events will serve as a wakeup call for all crypto holders to embrace decentralization.

By Evey Lovelace

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