New Startup Burn Ghost to Use NFTs as Prizes in Casual Games

Burn Ghost is a new startup that is creating a casual gaming platform in which NFTs are the prizes. The seed round for the startup was completed in April and was co-led by Drive by DraftKings and gaming-centric fund Bitkraft Ventures.

Burn Ghost will focus on simple, approachable casual games that have a skill component to them. CEO and co-founder Steve Curran told Decrypt that trivia experiences will be among the first original games on the web-based platform.

Burn Ghost plans to reward top finishers in its games with NFTs, which can be used to represent ownership of unique items like profile pictures (PFPs), collectibles, and artwork. The NFT market surged to $25 billion in trading volume last year, but has seen declining momentum in recent months amid a wider crypto market cold spell.

By Evey Lovelace

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